Which Contacts Are Right for You?

Which Contacts Are Right for You?

Which Contacts Are Right for You?

Which Contacts Are Right for You?

April 23, 2021

If you have vision problems, your eye doctor may have recommended the use of prescription eyewear. But some people don’t want to use eyeglasses to correct their vision. Are you wondering whether or not you’re a good fit for contact lenses?


Here are some factors to help you choose which contacts are right for you:




Many people make the mistake of buying contact lenses before going for eye examinations. Whether or not you have a vision or eye health problem, it would be best to schedule an appointment with your doctor first. Your eyes naturally deteriorate with age. You also shouldn’t get the same prescription for your contacts that you use for your glasses since it factors in the distance between your eyes and the lens. It’s always best to see your doctor first to find out the correct strength for your contacts.




Would you prefer wearing the same contact lenses repeatedly, or would you rather wear a brand-new pair every day? Although more expensive, daily disposable contacts reduce the risk of infection because you put in a fresh new pair every day. They’re also convenient since you no longer have to worry about cleaning them. If you don’t mind the care and maintenance required for weekly, monthly, or even yearly disposable contacts, then those could be a better option. They often cost less than dailies, but proper cleaning is paramount to prevent eye infections.




When choosing contact lenses, you’ll see that prices vary depending on many factors such as type of lens, length of wear, brand, and effects. It’s a good idea to get an idea of costs before you get started. Research the lenses you want and need. Then calculate how much it would cost you to wear them. You might also want to take into account the days you can safely wear them. Some contacts will be more expensive because of their brand. If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, consult your doctor for recommendations.


Colors and Effects


This is one of the primary reasons people wear contact lenses. They offer you the opportunity to change your eye color. This feature is purely cosmetic and won’t affect your vision in any way. You can select from a wide range of colors, such as hazel, green, and blue, among others. Some contacts even have opaque tints to transform your eye color. Others include enhancement tints that can make your eyes appear more vibrant. When deciding on lens color, consider your natural eye color and skin complexion for the best results.




Lastly, consider your personality and hobbies. If you enjoy running, biking, or swimming, contact lenses may not be ideal for you. If you also take naps during the day, you might have to reconsider wearing contacts. Sleeping with your contacts on can lead to eye dryness and infections. Although you can take a 20-minute snooze with your contacts on, experts don’t recommend it. Additionally, exposure to sweat and sand can be hazardous for lens wearers too.


Choosing the right contact lenses is crucial for the health and safety of your eyes. At Modern iCare Optometry, we can check your eyes for the proper prescription and offer recommendations for your needs.


Find out if contacts are right for you, contact Modern iCare Optometry in Palm Desert, California at (760) 674-7272 to schedule an eye checkup today!

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