What to Expect During LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery

What to Expect During LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery

What to Expect During LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery

What to Expect During LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery

August 9, 2022

LASIK eye surgery is a corrective procedure on the cornea to improve vision. It effectively corrects refractive errors such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. It is a safe, painless, and quick procedure that can allow you to resume your usual activities the next day.

How LASIK Eye Surgery Works


LASIK eye surgery reshapes your cornea by using laser technology that creates a small flap on the outer part of your eye. As a result, your eye doctor gains access to the central part of your cornea to treat it. After reshaping using the laser, they replace the small flap then healing begins.

The Recovery Process


Many individuals experience a quick recovery and resume their daily schedule after a day or two of the procedure. However, healing may take between three to six months. During this time, your vision will improve gradually.

It is helpful to know what to expect after your LASIK eye surgery. Below are some guidelines of what to expect after a day, weeks, and a few months post-surgery.

24 Hours After LASIK Eye Surgery


  • You will experience discomfort once the topical anesthesia for the procedure wears off. You are likely to experience a burning or itching sensation. Your eye doctor will instruct you on how you may relieve this discomfort.

  • Once you get home, avoid strenuous activity on your eye muscles. Try to rest them for two to four hours before resuming your usual activities the following day. Wear sunglasses when going outdoors during the day.

  • Expect your vision to be foggy immediately after the procedure. You should see better within hours. You may experience a few side effects such as eye dryness during the healing process. Your specialist is likely to prescribe eye drops to moisten your eyes.

  • You may experience other symptoms, such as sensitivity to light, halos at night, puffy eyelids, and tearing eyes.

  • Contact your doctor as soon as you experience severe pain.


The First Month Post LASIK Eye Surgery


  • Your eye doctor will schedule a follow-up appointment after one or two days post-surgery to ensure a healthy recovery.

  • Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes for an entire week after the procedure. You can distract the healing process of the corneal flap as your eyes are sensitive at this time.

  • Keep chemicals and soap away from your eyes when taking a shower. Avoid wearing eye makeup to prevent infections.

  • You can resume working out after one-week post-LASIK eye surgery. Protect your eyes by wearing goggles while swimming in the pool.

  • Avoid contact sports for one week. After that, wear sports goggles for an entire month to avoid injuring your eyes.


Three to Six Months After LASIK Eye Surgery


People with severe nearsightedness or myopia may experience a longer healing process. Your eye doctor will give you a recovery plan after your LASIK eye surgery, which may entail wearing eyeglasses during healing.

As your eyes continue healing, it is ideal to go to your follow-up visits so your eye doctor can monitor your progress and eye health.

For more about LASIK eye surgery recovery and post-op management, visit Modern iCare Optometry at our office in Palm Desert, California. You can also call 760-674-7272 to schedule an appointment today.

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